Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bears and Boots

Hallo Ihr Lieben, Teddybären machen und fotografieren macht mir einfach Spaß. Viel witziger ist es allerdings, Teddybären und Schuhe zu fotografieren - diese geniale Idee hatte Andy Cunningham von den Barbara-Ann Bears. Kurzerhand hat er auf Facebook eine Gruppe eröffnet, wo kreative Fotos von Teddies in, auf, vor oder neben Schuhen gepostet werden. Wenn Ihr diese Idee auch klasse findet, kontaktiert doch Andy und kommt in die Facebook Gruppe Bears and Boots. Hier eines meiner Bilder mit kleiner Geschichte:

From right to left:
Natalis (WinterBÄRger): No, he is not my brother... no, no, no.
Rum-Ba (WinterBÄRger): Please help me, I got stuck in this shoe!
Dante (Steiff): Oh my! What did you do? How can I help?
Espresso (One-toe-bears): Why and how did you get in there in the first place???
Cappuccino (One-toe-bears): Rum-Ba is like a cat, they also like to get into things that are too small for them...
Chuffy Chuffnell (Barbara-Ann Bears): Have you heard? Rum-Ba thinks he is a cat!

Dear readers, I love making teddy bears and taking their photos. Even funnier is taking photos of teddies and shoes - this is the ingenious idea of Andy Cunningham from Barbara-Ann Bears. He quickly created a Facebook group, where creative photos are posted showing teddies in, on or next to shoes. If you also like this idea, please contact Andy and come to the Facebook group Bears and Boots. Above you can find a photo with a little story I've created.

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  1. Of course, Rum-ba has been rescued after a short while. No teddy has been harmed.